At Enxium we want to mesh bright people, from Tech to Strategy. When change is normal and innovation, or even disruption, may come almost over night then combined expertise does make the difference.

Enxium has the best, true experts in their field, all with a mindset that is prepared for change. Change companies and change industries. And not in theory only. With years and years of experience on C- and expert level and based on proven track record we know how organisations develop or diversify.

We like what we are doing and we do it with fun and commitment. Therefore, we also are going to walk the walk and share economic risk by taking investments in projects and/or ventures. Whenever and whereever possible, desired or appropriate. We are aware that this approach is unique and different. We are unique and different. But, in our opinion entrepreneurial drive can be the key to master those challenges which come along disruptive technology and transformation.

As smaller companies or founders, from seed to prototype, can benefit from our financial contributions and acceleration programmes, larger corporates rather appreciate our non-conventional and goal-focused way to ask the questions, that have to be asked, to challenge the staff, that deserves to be challenged, and to support the management, that brings things to life. As we already have seen unprecedented cases, we estimate that midsize companies -in Germany the so-called ‚Mittelstand‘- will assume a far stronger role in digital transformation than they do today. We can and we want help them to accelerate.

Alfred Dietrich Steiof, the founder of Enxium, looks back on decades of professional experience when he gained insights in large scale industry projects, the financial and investment industry and, last but not least, learned over years how to keep buoyancy in the stormy waters of the startup world.

As a young student of business administration he also concluded a programmer education and started first data engineering projects in the early days of the digital industry. („You may believe or not, I still had to compile my first program codes with punchcards“). At those times, Alfred made his idea to create own business models and bring them successfully into practice. After long years of back-and-forth, up-and-down entrepreneurial experience in the energy sector he founded a new venture in 2014, Enxium. Its goal: to become a renown and active driver in the transformation cycle.