In the wake of the ongoing digitalization, E-Mobility stands for the disruption of individual transport, or auto motion. Regardless which technology will succeed after all, be it electrical power, the fuel cell or other, the future car will be a connector in a larger communication network. E-Mobility in that sense rather translates as “Embedded Mobility” than simply “Electrified Mobility”.

Considering all that we can see from today’s perspective, urban transport will benefit most. We are supporting corporates or municipalities in the design of new urban traffic schemes, which goes beyond the mere construction of car charging stations within the public electric grid. It is a network of renewable energy producers which integrate in the new cityscape, it is software as a service which allows to manage the distribution of energy to connected cars and which helps to simplify administration procedures, e.g. billing or energy management.
Can you imagine that an urban electric power infrastructure for electro mobiles could be provided for free and for the sake of a disruptive change in urban traffic? You want to hear the story and learn more about the future concepts? Feel free to contact us below, we are looking forward to converse with you.