How to connect decentralized and renewable power production with future consumers? Today, power flow is unidirectional to the consumer and data is fed back just on a monthly or, in case of domestic households, still on an annual reporting basis.

In a managed microgrid the supply and demand are constantly measured and turned into precisely predictable values with the help of AI algorithms. The grid state is monitored, even on low voltage level, and all data is evaluated to minimize the balancing energy and thus the cost to enhance the efficiency of the grid.

This sounds too futuristic? Unreal? Not if you are really seeing how things are progressing as we do. At Enxium, we concentrate on the elements where one can start with today: Renewable Energies – we develop, finance and operate renewable energy facilities

Software solutions – we are developing new ways to improve software usage in energy management. We even look at AI and Blockchain developments, already.

Market Intelligence – how to better interact with the customer? How to accompany the customer’s journey? With new digital approaches we intensify customer engagement and customer information.