Europe's new Sustainability Standard starts from 2021.

Now we're off. Get a clear view of the EU Taxonomy, the new regulatory toolbox for Sustainable Finance.
See how Enxium supports companies in the transition to a sustainable future.

The Taxonomy

The Taxonomy is a paradigm shift.

Companies are given the tools to focus much more on sustainability than before. Adapting to these new rules will profoundly change the organisations and their ecosystems. And companies will need to adapt quickly.

Identify the resources you need and determine how professional support is key to implement specific technical knowledge and lean, efficient processes.

Enxium's people bring the specific technical background needed and experience to help you adapt faster, trusted by many companies before. The EU Experts Group of Sustainable Finance itself therefore recommends it as Good Practice when companies seek external support.

How does Sustainable Finance affect your business?

The Taxonomy is primarily targeted at the financial markets, which are supposed to be the major driver of the transition to a sustainable world. And when the criteria for investment change, companies in the manufacturing sectors are expected to follow suit.

Many companies are already getting started.
What are we waiting for?

Prepare for it today. We support your strategic decision-making, help in reviewing the organization in terms of a Taxonomy-alignment and to implement the technical criteria.

Financial Markets Participants

  • Whether it's non-financial or product disclosure obligations, the introduction of new green products or the reassessment of your ESG-investments, you know what it's all about.
  • Implement the Taxonomy faster with external support, in individual modules from disclosures to risk management.

Industrial Sector Companies

  • Effective for fiscal year 2021, Taxonomy-oriented disclosures will be mandatory for certain industrial companies.
  • Companies are then valued much more on their sustainable turnover or investments, regardless of how they adapt, mandatory or voluntary.
  • Leverage guidance in strategic decision-making and implementation of technical criteria.

Easy access and building of knowledge

It will now become increasingly necessary to be able to get to the last detail in new subjects, such as energy or environmental protection. But building and maintaining own resources is expensive and time-consuming, if reasonable at all.

However, with direct access to our wealth of experience, knowledge-sourcing questions are easy to answer.

Make the most of innovation

Taxonomy requires constant monitoring of a growing number of new and important KPIs. And innovative technology is key. Join our developments and application of new data models using AI tools such as ML and NLP.

Use the knowledge base to monitor exposures and risks, compare with your peers, or measure your impact, for example when evaluating online information or social media.

If you do good, do it well

Make Sustainability Communication your strength.

The Taxonomy not only influences how companies rethink internally. We believe that it will also significantly change the way stakeholders work together.

Don't wait for your investors or public groups to ask the questions if you can be proactive. We want to show you how we align your communications with the new challenges by using the latest resources and where you can actually reach your newest stakeholders.



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