We are here for the next technological leap in combating climate change

With the Green Deal, the EU has proclaimed the ambitious targets to reduce GHG-emissions by 55% by 2030 and Climate Neutrality by 2050. The road to go there, the transition, is long and costly. Above all, there is no second chance, no plan B. It is therefore obvious that everything must be done to ensure that we achieve the goal. And this applies in particular to technology, its use, new or and Improvement..




Why we make the difference

The EU’s new legal framework of the taxonomy and the CSRD and SFRD puts an end to greenwashing, the glossing over of climate and environmental data. They now have the same status as key financial figures and must therefore be treated with the same due diligence. Therefore, when determining emissions and their impact on the established environmental goals, special emphasis must be placed on the veracity and authenticity of the data. And this doesn't just apply to data generated in-house. Recourse to supply chain data is critical.